Hario Largo Tea Dripper Set


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Dimensions 138W x 188H x 299L (mm)
Weight (g) 1200
RRP (ex. VAT) 83.33
  • Hario Largo Tea Dripper Set

    The Hario Largo Tea Dripper Set includes a clear polymethyl methacrylate stand and an elegant decanter into which you can dispense and serve your favourite tea. Simply add your favourite loose leaf tea and add water. Once your desired colour and strength are achieved, simply press the “Largo” lever and the tea runs directly into your decanter below.

    Lining multiple units up together on your brew bar also makes for a stunning display in your cafe, allows you to showcase the beautiful colours and flavours of your tea range in real time as you’re brewing them. Perfect as an individual gift or as a series of additions to your coffee shop.


    • Height 31cm; Width 17cm; Depth 13.5cm
    • 800ml Capacity


    • Borosilicate Glass

    Additional Info:

    • Includes 1x Largo Dripper, 1x Largo Tea Server, 1x Largo Stand