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Twisted Glass


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  • Twisted Glass

    It’s a wonder we don’t see more glassware in coffee. Glass is a great alternative material to porcelain, especially when crafting a vessel for hot beverages or cold. Aside from being 100% recyclable, durable and non-porous, it’s incredibly versatile and also allows full visibility of the liquid it’s holding - be it a milky latte, or a cup full of coffee grounds during a cupping.

    The Twisted Glass has 5mm heat-retention walls, and the twisted exterior delights texturally and visually, with a curved interior similar to the Loveramics porcelain cups that develops coffee crema fully and yields an amazing mouthfeel. They fit snugly on the Loveramics’ Egg 14.5cm and Tulip 14cm saucers, an easy choice for those who have already committed to the World Latte Art Championship official cups. And yes, they stack well, too. Available in 2 sizes (120ml, 180ml), they’re great for presenting cortados, piccolos, or lattes. All cups are dishwasher and microwave safe, as well as freezer and oven safe.


    • 120ml Capacity
    • 180ml Capacity


    • Glass

    Additional Info:

    • Compatible with Loveramics Egg 14.5cm and Tulip 14cm Saucers
    • Dishwasher / Microwave Safe