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Hario Smart Beam Heater


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Weight (g) 500
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  • Hario Smart Beam Heater
  • No Syphon is complete without its Beam Heater. Due to the sensitive and exacting nature of Syphon brewing, it’s important to be able to control your heat source down to the very second to avoid scalding or overheating your coffee. The Hario Beam Heater comes in two models - the Dial Beam Heater and the Smart Beam Heater.

    Both models give you complete control over your Syphon brewing temperature by using a safe and soft halogen lamp (no flame required). An intuitive user interface via either a simple-to-use dial or an LCD touchscreen means you can fully focus on getting your recipe right without worrying about the controls.

    In the Smart Beam Heater, the 3 heat modes (basic, memory, and professional) mean you can play around with different heating patterns, opening up new dimensions of brewing possibilities.

  • Halogen Heat, ideal in a gas or flame restricted environment.

  • Additional info:
    • Intuitive LCD Touch Pad
    • 3 Operation modes, Basic/Memory/Professional
    • Power of 220-240 volts
    • EU plug

    SKU: BGST-400E