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Loveramics Potters Cappuccino Cup


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  • Loveramics Potters Cappuccino Cup
    For interiors with an earthier vibe, or that draw inspiration from natural textures and colours, the Loveramics Potters Series is a great conversation-starter in your cafe or restaurant. This collection features 3 different finishes - Granite, Gunpowder and Caramel. Every piece is hand-crafted and made of commercial grade high-fired porcelain, but with hues that perfectly set off the warm, mellow tones of coffee and tea.

    Identical in dimensions to the Loveramics Egg Cup Series, all Loveramics Potters Cups are manufactured under SCA standards, with cup wall thickness engineered to keep your coffee or tea at the optimal temperature for drinking. The cup’s rounded base (continuous curve) and stout body allows for maximum flavour development and enhances sweetness, as well as providing a good tilt angle for perfect coffee art!

    The Granite Cup comes in two versions of hand-sprayed glaze. The rugged, edgy exterior serves as a great counterpoint to the more industrial, metallic look of espresso machines and perfectly complements the brass worktops and exposed brick that are in vogue in cafes at the moment.

    The semi-matte, slightly sandpapery glaze of the Gunpowder Cup enhances the sensory experience of having a cup of coffee. The sparkles within the glaze add dimension and movement to the surface of the cup and pairs well with light, elevated marble surfaces and bright, airy surroundings.

    Is your interior filled with wood-accented pieces? The Caramel Cup is bound to come into its own in such a setting. The distinctive honeyed tones require multiple rounds of glaze-dipping, so each piece is meticulously handcrafted to ensure quality, and completely unique.

    This cup safely serves 7.1oz/200ml, but is part of a series of cups available in 3 different sizes and 3 colours. All cups are dishwasher and microwave safe, freezer and oven safe, and stackable.


    • Gunpowder
    • Granite
    • Caramel


    • Length 12cm ; Width 10cm ; Height 6cm
    • Capacity 200ml


    • Porcelain

    Additional Info:

    • Matching Saucer available
    • Restaurant Grade & Food Safe
    • Dishwasher / Microwave Safe

    SKU: C088-3-CAP-CUP